Belgium charges two, detains three over Brussels, Paris attacks

Belgium special forces police secure access during a police operation to search an apartment complex in the Brussels district of Uccle, BelgiumBy Robert-Jan Bartunek BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Belgium has charged two more men with terrorist offences linked to last month's bombings in Brussels and also searched a house related to the attacks in Paris, detaining three people, federal prosecutors said on Tuesday. A judge charged the two men, identified as Smail F., born in 1984, and Ibrahim F., born in 1988, over alleged links to the rental of a property that investigators believe was used as a "safe house" before the March 22 suicide bombings in Brussels. Prosecutors said in a statement that they had searched a house in the southern Brussels district of Uccle, taking into custody three people for questioning over the Nov. 13 shooting and bombing rampage in Paris.

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